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James The Driver

Hello I'm James. I live in Kelowna, in beautiful British Colombia. Our Okanagan valley has everything you could ever want.  It is a true four season playground. My focus is on offering the very best private, relaxing wine tours. This region also offers many other activities from skiing at Big White or Silver Star, to water skiing on the lakes

there is plenty to see and do.


Avid hikers enjoy the many trails filled with breathtaking views and local wildlife. Its not uncommon to see Osprey, eagles and hawks along with all kind of deer, big horn sheep and the occasional sightings of bears and cougars. There are those who prefer to soak up the downtown atmosphere. Restaurants, Bars, pubs and clubs all lend to a fun filled downtown. Beach lovers find no end of soft sand to relax on and the warm summer waters provide a great place to cool off after a hot summers day.

As for me,  I particularly enjoy the great variety of wines and restaurants we have right on our door step. It goes without saying that the scenery, with everything from mountains and big skies to the blissful lakes give nothing but awe and enthusiasm to get out and explore every corner of the region.


I am fortunate enough to be able to be here everyday. I welcome the chance for you to experience everything this region has to offer.  When you are ready to book your next adventure simply get in touch, together let's build an amazing day filled with great memories...

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​Originally I'm from London, England. As a child I was very fortunate to spend a lot of time in Monte Carlo at a family home. There I developed a love for sailing, which is still a passion of mine. I also got to see a different side of food and wine culture, I am sure that is why I am so passionate about sharing these values with you on a tour. After my education my career was spent initially with the Royal Navy. After my service I went on to spent many years working as a professional chauffeur with the government in many different countries throughout the world. For the most part I looked after all areas of diplomatic and governmental driving duties.

I had the pleasure of looking after many different celebrities & famous personalities. From this experience I have learnt every aspect of what it takes to ensure proper first class service. From absolute discretion to making sure that each day is nothing but the best for my clients. In our modern world it's great that I am able to offer a beautiful wine tour experiences with some 1st class service to

make your trip superb.​​


James The Driver is fully licenced by the BC Provincial Passenger Transportation Board Licence # PT75220 and holds all necessary insurances to safe guard our clients 


My focus is on you have a relaxing luxurious tour. With this in mind I use two vehicles. My luxury saloon for couples is a Jaguar XJL. This Jaguar is a long wheel base luxury sedan that offers a soft leather interior with reclining seats in the rear. You can choose to push a button and have a massage, alternately the seats are also heated and for those hot days they are cooled. There are twin sunroofs with sunshades and all the rear windows have factory tinted windows with shades to further protect you whilst still allowing an excellent view. A drop down table infront of you enables you to find a place to set down your phone to recharge, or to rest your laptop. There are ample cup holders and storage places. I  always provide tissues, hand sanitizer

with fresh chilled bottled water and light snacks for you to enjoy.

My other vehicle is a custom built Mercedes Benz Sprinter. This is best described as a private jet without wings. There are individual seats in the rear for each passenger. The seats recline and offer great comfort. There is a great view from the privacy tinted windows. Dedicated rear air conditioning makes touring very comfortable. Along with this the passengers have unlimited access to an on board glass door refrigerator that is stocked with complimentary water and light snacks. At the time of booking we welcome you to specify certain drinks and treats as per your preferences and at your expense. On board there is also a coffee machine with tea and other drink options. 

For those who enjoy music there is a powerful Bluetooth audio system that is controlled directly from your seat. Play your favorite tunes as you travel. Along with this is a smart screen TV that scrolls with your tour itinerary and if you wish some of your favorite photos... This is often the choice for families and friends who are celebrating a special occasion, birthday or just a group of friends enjoying a few blasts from the past.


For some pictures of my vehicles, scroll through the pictures below...

Wedding jag and sprinter
my sprinter inside front
my sprinter inside rear
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JTD from behind_edited
20190426_145346 (2)
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PRINT 22 of 41 - 2020
PRINT 26 of 41 - 2020
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vanessa and jag
corp jet and sprinter
corp big heli meet
corp jet meet
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Jag snow big white lodge

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