Meet Dean Norris, Sommelier. Your personal guide on your ultimate wine tour experience.

With many years under his belt as Corporate Beverage Director, and professional Sommelier, Dean consult's with you to build every your ultimate tour experience.


To further enrich your experience, Dean personally guides you during your tour. This one on one experience gives you a unique insight into the journey from Bud Break and Veraison, to grape harvest and finally into your glass.

With his vast knowledge of wines from around the world, Dean fabricates the best personal experience in wine and food pairing you could ever imagine. Along with this we arrange 1st class accommodations for you at the finest hotels along your route. 

With luxury options like helicopter tours and transfers, lunch on lake side beaches, fine dining and evening events at the theatre you'll be sure to enjoy every aspect of your unique experience.


Examples of 1, to 5 day sommelier guided tours are available by request. 


Be sure to click on the video below to get an insight into Dean's expertise...together we look forward to building your best wine experience.


This is going to be amazing...